BLS Laboratories GmbH
BLS Laboratories GmbH


Medical Device Testing Services

Experimental research at BLS is not only scientific research with small laboratory rodents and rabbits, but means also about 60% surgical interventions with large animals.
The number of long-term studies using large animals increased remarkably within the last years. This shift in research structures demands not only altering and adapted animal husbandry conditions, but also a continuing utilization of the experimental-surgical area for further interventions, radiologic controls, etc.
BLS provides interventions on behalf of trainings for medical device companies and academics.
A spacious surgery room for large animals and intervention rooms for small animals are available for experimental hands-on training.

Physicians Hands-on Training

When a new medical device, an innovative implantation method or an established product may has to be implemented in a clinical procedure there are several barriers such as lack of knowledge of it, experience with application procedure or actively using of it on daily basis.
BLS offers a suitable environment to overcome these inhibitions by hands-on trainings of clinicians using large animals.
Conference rooms for academically education, surgery and pathology rooms for hands-on training, small and large animals as well as skilled veterinarians are available.