BLS Laboratories GmbH
BLS Laboratories GmbH


Preclinical Studies of Medical Devices

Preclinical Studies are executed to evaluate the biological answer and verify the intended performance of a medical device or a biomaterial. BLS uses a broad range of in vivo models in accordance to described applicable guidelines to provide the clients with accurate results.
These studies include:
• Cardiovascular
• Cadaveric Non-Clinical Testing
• Dental
• Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery
• Ophthalmology
• Orthopedic and Bone Healing
• Physician Hand-on Training
• Tissue Engineering
• Urogenital System
• Wound Healing
• Safety Studies


Biocompatibility Testing

Preclinical testing facilities of BLS and animal holding areas are specially designed for the conduct of in vivo safety evaluation studies on a variety of biomaterials, medical devices, and combination products.
Biocompatibility testing ranges from the initial screening of new biomaterials to product release testing, batch release testing, and non-clinical or pre-clinical safety evaluations to meet current international standards.