BLS Laboratories GmbH
BLS Laboratories GmbH


BLS Laboratories offers rental vivarium facilities that are available for use by external researchers.
External researchers of biotech, pharma and academic institutions could have access to animal holding units, operating and surgery rooms.
BLS’s professional staff takes care of all aspects of the operation of the facility so that the external researcher can focus on its scientific research.

Advantages for external researchers

- Rapid Start
Space is available for immediate occupancy.

- Scalability
Rent a cage, a single room or an entire suite as needs change.

- Flexible term commitment
Weekly, monthly or yearly leases are available.

- No distractions
Focus on your core competencies; leave the regulatory, veterinary, husbandry and managerial oversight to BLS.

- Broader research options
Services for rodents, rabbits, swine, minipigs, dogs, sheep, goat and most other non-primate species can be accommodated. Technical and medical assistance is available on an hourly basis.