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Toxicological study determines adverse effects that occur in living organisms due to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It involves observing and reporting symptoms, mechanisms, detection and treatments of toxic substances, in particular relation to the poisoning.
It includes chemical as well as pharmaceutical compounds for medical use by humans and animals. These substances may produce toxic effects in living organisms including disturbance in growth patterns, discomfort, disease and death.
The dose of the substance is an important factor, as it has a significant relationship with the effects experienced by the individual.

Toxicology Studies

• Acute Dermal Toxicity (OECD TG 402)
• Acute Inhalation Toxicity (OECD TG 403)
• Subchronic Dermal Toxicity: 90-Day Study (OECD TG 411)
• Subacute Inhalation Toxicity: 28-Day Study (OECD TG 412
• Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity: 90 Day Study (OECD TG 413)